Baby Gator welcome researchers into our classrooms

As a state licensed and accredited center, we are required to obtain certain information from individuals who interact directly with children in our classrooms. Conducting research at Baby Gator involves four easy steps.

Step 1

  • Submit a written request for permission to conduct research at Baby Gator to Director Stacy Ellis.
  • Include your contact information.
  • Include the following documents as attachments:
    • Research proposal
    • Copy of approved IRB
    • Sample consent form
  • These materials may also be sent via US mail or Campus mail to:
    Stacy Ellis
    Baby Gator Child Development and Research Center
    305 Diamond Rd #17
    Gainesville, FL 32610

Step 2

  • Stacy will contact you and request more information or inform you that your research may be conducted at Baby Gator.
  • If you research request is approved, you will be assigned to the research coordinator at the center(s) in which you will conduct your research work.

Step 3

After your research request has been approved:

  • Obtain a cover letter, written by the Director, informing Baby Gator parents of the research.
  • Submit adequate copies of consent forms, with cover letter attached, to your research coordinator.  Your forms will be distributed to the appropriate families by the coordinator.
  • The Baby Gator office  will notify you when consent forms are returned. You will receive the originals; Baby Gator will retain a copy.
  • Baby Gator work with the researcher(s) to schedule days and times when data will be collected in the classrooms.
  • Before data collection can begin each researcher and research assistant who will be in the classroom must complete a Research Screening packet and Attestation of Good Moral Character  and  attend a Research Orientation.
  • The research coordinator should be informed of any changes in your research plan.

Step 4

  • At the completion of your study, you must provide a written copy of your research findings to the Director of Baby Gator