UF ECC Centers

UF Early Childhood Collaboratory’s major goal is the provision of a developmentally appropriate program of early childhood education and care through which each child gains a sense of trust, social and intellectual competence, and self-worth.  Such a program, focusing on the individual child and his or her family, requires active cooperation between staff and families. Our hope is that we can enable children to enjoy learning while acquiring skills to help them succeed and form the basis for a lifetime of learning.
UF ECC teachers use a play-oriented approach that integrates into the daily curriculum language and literacy skills, mathematical concepts, science, social studies, art, and music, as well as thinking and reasoning, decision-making and self-help skills. Communication skills are promoted in a language-rich environment.  UF ECC teachers promote social awareness and appropriate social interactions and encourage children to become aware of and to express their feelings, to make friends and to learn to solve interpersonal conflicts. In addition, UF ECC teachers are committed to promoting understanding and respect for diversity in family structures, language, cultures, and beliefs through multicultural, multi-lingual activities across the day.
UF ECC staff are part of the UF community and as such are expected to participate in research, conferences, and other academic endeavors that will expand and enhance their professional skills and contribute to the field of early childhood care and education. UF ECC partners with many of the university’s colleges and departments and serves as a research and volunteer site for their students and faculty.  Each year, we work with over 100 volunteers, practicum, interns, and researchers from UF, Santa Fe College, and the surrounding community.