Baby Gator In-Service 2018

Published: April 11th, 2018

Category: News

Over the past year, Baby Gator and the Anita Zucker Center for Excellence in Early Childhood Studies (AZCEECS) have partnered up in order to set the foundation for a new way of providing professional development to the teaching staff at Baby Gator. Dr. Herman Knoph and Crystal Bishop, from the AZCEECS, worked closely with the Baby Gator administrative team to identify the core teaching practices necessary for professional growth.  This researched set of practices has been determined to be the keys for optimal growth and development in all children.  After the core practices were identified and a systematic assessment measure was developed, the administrative team embarked on the AZCEECS Practice Based Coaching (AZ-PBC) training. The goal of this new training is for our staff to become the coaches for an ongoing format of professional development.  The AZ-PBC framework for Practice-Based Coaching (AZ-PBC), involves a cyclical process of collaborative goal setting; focused observation and support in the classroom; and reflection and feedback. The purpose of this framework is to support early childhood professionals as they use developmentally appropriate teaching practices as supported by research. AZ-PBC occurs within a collaborative partnership that is based on a foundation of reciprocal trust and collaboration between the coach and teachers. This approach of continuous learning, support, and practical application in the classroom aligns with the Baby Gator core values of teamwork, growth, diversity, and service.  At the March 2018 all staff in-service, everyone was introduced to the AZ-PBC and started their first coaching sessions.  Baby Gator is excited to embark on this new collaborative, ongoing, format of professional development!

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