Brook and Lindsey

Published: September 22nd, 2017

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Friends made in preschool are friendships that will last forever. This was the case for Lindsey Owen and her friend, Brook, Baby Gator students from 1982 to 1984. During this time, the two girls grew a special bond playing on the playground and learning alongside one another in their classrooms. They both lived in family housing close to Baby Gator while Lindsey’s dad went to law school and Brook’s went to graduate school. After their graduation, Brook’s family moved to North Carolina while Lindsey’s moved to South Florida. Over the years, and despite the distance, their friendship stayed strong. When they were still young, their families would spend their summers at a beach house together. As they got older, they would take turns visiting each other for a week or two at a time over their summer vacations. Although they didn’t live near each other, these two friends managed to be there for one another during big milestones. Brook was with Lindsey on her 16th birthday when she got her driver’s license. They visited each other while Lindsey was at Florida State University and Brook was at Appalachian State College for their undergraduate education. The last time they saw each other was during their junior year of college in 2000 when Brook visited Lindsey. They have kept in touch over the years and Brook recently visited Lindsey in New York City. To commemorate their years of friendship which began at Baby Gator, Lindsey reached out to us requesting two t-shirts that she and Brook could wear when they reunited.  Despite the years apart and the distance between them, Lindsey and Brook will always be the two little girls who enjoyed playing together at Baby Gator.



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