NAEYC Accreditation

Published: August 22nd, 2017

Category: News

Over the past year, the Diamond Village and Newell Drive centers underwent the process to become accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).  It is with great pride that we can announce that both centers achieved NAEYC accreditation. The collaboration among these teams of teachers and administration to prepare the accreditation materials and ensure the centers are providing the best early childhood experience for all of the children has been outstanding. This accreditation provides well-deserved praise and affirmation to all of the staff for the continued hard work and dedication to the children, families, and the Baby Gator program.

In 1926, NAEYC was founded in an effort to improve the early childhood education system and in the years since it was formed, they have developed a voluntary process for high-quality educational programs to become accredited. In order to achieve accreditation, centers must complete the four-step process which includes submission of an application, creation of evidence portfolios to evaluate standards,  careful screening of materials that were submitted, and a site visit by a representative from the Academy. Baby Gator’s accreditation signifies that the 10 standards and hundreds of criteria, which NAEYC has identified as key components of quality care and education, were successfully met. We are proud to have the Diamond Village and Newell Drive centers join the Lake Alice center in becoming NAEYC accredited.

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