Eugene and the Gecko

Published: June 16th, 2017

Category: News

The memories that children make during pre-school can impact their future. It is not every day that an individual meets someone they will grow up with and remember forever, but here at Baby Gator we strive to make these connections happen. Ten years ago, Eugene Sapozhnikov graduated from the first Baby Gator center on Village Drive. He made friends and memories that are still with him today. He remembers making a friend at Baby Gator after seeing a gecko outside. Now a student at Lofton Academy’s Art program, Eugene was assigned a project to make a paper mache statue of something from his childhood. He chose to make a leopard gecko to resemble the one he saw over ten years ago. Eugene donated this statue with the hope that it will inspire and bring joy to all the current Baby Gator students like the joy he had when he made a new friend at school.

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