Tracks To Excellence Conference

Published: April 7th, 2017

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On April 1, the local NCFAEYC and ELC hosted the annual Tracks to Excellence conference for providers in the Gainesville and surrounding areas. This one day conference featured a Conscious Discipline key note speaker and many presentations from professionals in the field. Baby Gator was proud to have 4 staff present at the conference, Cathy Reedy, Madelyn Yurko, Katie White, and Angie Avelino. Cathy and Madelyn presented on science and sensory based lessons in early childhood classrooms.  Participants engaged in many hands on activities like magnet painting, shadow tracing, snowball catapulting, making various concoctions from common household ingredients like silky play dough, moon dough, and snow, and much more. Throughout, discussions were held on how to adapt the activities for older or younger children, ways to extend them, and how to incorporate them into various themes. Katie and Angie’s presentation focused on family involvement. This presentation demonstrated how involvement with families in special events builds connections between the children, teachers, and the community at large. Overall, this presentation provided participants with hands-on ideas to immediately implement throughout the center.

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