Baby Gator All Staff In-service

Published: March 15th, 2017

Category: News

The annual Baby Gator All Staff In-service was held at the Austin Cary Learning Center this year. Each day, there was an optional Sunrise Yoga class led by Baby Gator teachers.  The first day of training focused on child growth and development, brain research, and CLASS (a teacher/child interaction observation and rating system) . The teachers learned about innovative research in child development and brushed up on some basics of developmentally appropriate practices. That afternoon Ron Mohl, a lead educational presenter with Lakeshore Learning Materials, gave a phenomenal presentation on unlocking the power of blocks as well as cultivating communication and reasoning through language. The second day of training began with an inspiring opening given by Jodi Gentry, the Vice President of Human Resources.  This was followed by a thorough review of Baby Gator policies and procedures, including updates and changes made to the employee handbook. At the end of the day, the teachers enjoyed a presentation on the power of teacher play by Dr. Kristen Kemple, an Early Childhood faculty with the College of Education. Friday was spent cleaning, organizing, and implementing ideas learned the previous two days.  Baby Gator is extremely lucky to have the opportunity to host such an impactful training for all of the staff.

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